Jackson Minnesota  public school photos from the early 1900's ....




These were old post cards owned by

Augusta Dostal Donwen


Third grade-

Fourth grade - (partial key to photo below )

This postcard was sent to the students from the Inez Pepper , their teacher.


School district No. 7

Des Moines Township Jackson Minnesota


Inez A. Pepper, Teacher



John Barkeim Florence Planting
Adeline Dostal Olga Barkeim

Oscar Thorenson

Ethel Day
Oscar Kleiberg Clara Barkeim
Carl Thorenson Ernest Fricke
Cecelia Watland Lillian Dostal
John Willford Floyd Day
Fred Smith Kenneth Day

Carl Smith

Ray Willford
Oscar Barkeim John Watland
Edwin Planting Ida Smith
Clara Fricke Raymond Planting
Ella Watland Arthur Willford
Dewey Day Amanda Thorenson
Arthur Barkeim Minnie Smith
Annie Fricke Willie Lev
Francis Planting Herbert Fricke
Grace Willford Sylvia Smith
Augusta Donwen  

          Mr. Fricke ,Clerk

           Mr. Lev , Director

             Mr. Prokes, Treasurer