James L. ( Jim) Palsgrove

I shipped out of Ft. Lawton, Seattle, WA on March 3, 1952 aboard the J. J. Pope with 4400 troops. We were also in a three day storm. We landed at Yokohama, Japan on March 12, 1952. I went to Camp Drake a few days, then took rail to Sasebo, Japan. I went on a fishing boat to Pusan, Korea. I rode the Red-Ball Express train to Seoul and to the 3rd .

Transportation Military Railway Service (TMRS), and was assigned to the 765th. Then, I rode the train back to Pusan.

I worked on the Hospital cars in the backshop for some time before going to Pier #1 where the Hospital trains were stored. Eventually, I was assigned to ride the trains to the front lines at Chorwon, which was above the 38th parallel, to pick up the wounded and sick. On our return we dropped them off at different Hospitals. The trains had one doctor and several medics.

The picture that I sent you, which was published in the Graybeards Magazine, tells some of what I did on the trains.

I left Pusan on the E.T. Collins on June, 1952. The ship had 1800 troops on board. I arrived at Camp Stoneman, San Francisco, CA, then flew to Ft. Sheridan, IL on Flying Tiger Airlines for separation.

I went back to work for the B&O RR, which became Chessie, later CSX RR, then retired March of 1993 with forty-three years of service.

I was married in 1954 to my wife, Shirley, and we will be celebrating 50 years of marriage next February. We have one daughter, one son, three grandsons, and seven great-grandchildren.

My hobbies include: bird watching, fishing, golf and taking some pictures.

My wife and I plan on being at Pigeon Forge, TN in September of this year. We will be attending the 765th Reunion.