List of Persons Taking the Oath of Allegiance at Missisquoi Bay
from the Lower Canada Land Records

compilation donated by David J. Ellis, 24 June 2003

Commencing in 1795 those persons who had gathered at Missisquoi Bay were required to take an Oath of Allegiance. This document is a transcription of those lists of names. The first list contains about 380 names contained on eight pages numbered from 92515 to 92522 and dating from 26th April 1795 to 25th July 1795. The second set is three lists contained on four pages numbered from 95964 to 95967 and dating from 26th July 1795 to 25th October 1795 and then from 26th July 1796 to 25th January 1797. The gap in dates in those from the second set implies that another list or lists may exist that has not been located. Further, it is not clear why these two sets of documents were in the papers of different petitioners and whether others may yet be found in other locations. The second set of documents is not in chronological order so be careful when reading dates.

extracted from
Canada Archives No. C-2566, Vol. 194, Petitions Tonnancour - Traverce
FHL US/CAN film #1631062

RETURN of Persons who have taken the Oaths & subscribed the Declaration required by Law; before the Commifs.s at Missiskouie Bay from 26th April to 25th July 1795.

Dates when the Signatures were made Names Place from whence they came Township or place which they intend to settle
April 20th Benjamin Towner St. Armand Durham
April 30th Henry Grout do. Bolton
do. John Brill do. do.
do. Caleb Grout do. do.
do. Joseph Brill do. do.
do. John Grout do. do.
do. William Grout do. do.
do. Jonas Hunt do. do.
do. George Haynor do. do.
do. David Brill do. do.
do. Benjamin Brill do. do.
do. William Brill do. do.
do. Peter Yates do. do.
do. Robert Manson do. do.
do. Eliser Bullolph do. Barnston
do. Ebenezer Rogers do. do.
do. George Hauck do.
do. Asel Hurlbutt do. Barnston
do. Abel Hurlbutt do. do.
do. Joshua Gibbs do.
do. Jonathan Deming do.
do. Joseph Deming do.
do. Mathew Moorhouse do. Barnston
do. Daniel McCalvey do. do.
do. John McCatey do.
do. James Hunt do.
do. William Burnside do.
do. Glous. Burnside do.
do. William Burnside Jun. do.
do. John Hackett do.
do. Allen Davies do.
do. Ephraim Stone Jun. do.
do. Thomas Mulloy do.
do. William Manson do. Bolton
do. Augustin Hibbard do. Roston
do. Horatio Hibbard do. do.
do. John Titemore do.
do. David Segar do.
do. Michael Segar do.
do. Adam Segar do.
Page 92515

April 30th Peter Seagar St. Armand
do. John Farwell do. Eaton
do. John Gibson do. Stanstead
do. John Olivett do.
do. Harmanus Traux do.
do. William Wightman do.
do. Isaac Gibbs do.
do. Iaiob Toof do.
do. Addi Vincent do.
do. do.
do. John McIntosh do. Potton
do. Ebenezer Clark Jun. do.
do. David Gibbs do.
do. Samuel Flint do.
do. Isaac Luie do.
do. Job Chadsey do. Hatley
do. Stephen Vincent do.
do. Martin Kimmell do. Stanbridge
do. George Titemore do.
do. Asaher Wells do.
do. William Huckins do.
do. Joseph Stickney do.
do. Silas Harris do.
do. Benjamin Spencer do.
do. Frasier Jome do.
do. Bartle H Clark do.
do. Elijah Spencer do.
do. John Backus do. Stanbridge
do. Jermiah Spencer Jun. do. Stanstead
do. Conradd Flan do.
do. Peter McCutcheon do.
do. William Hanson do. Bolton
do. Joseph Reichert do. do.
do. Peleg Johnson do.
do. Benjamin Reynold do. Stanbridge
do. Pasdon Johnson do.
do. William Reichert do.
do. Henry Borhurt do. Bolton
do. Ernest Thisman do. do.
do. Peter Reichert do.
do. Peter Messenger do.
do. Philip Reichert do.
do. Elisha Martindale do. Stanbridge
do. do.
do. Moses Martindale do.
do. Aaron Martindale do. Stanbridge
cannot be disiphered having wrote their names in the German Language
Page 92516

May 7th Cladius Cotton Caldwells Manor
do. Darius Curtice do.
do. Isaac Salls Christies Seigs
do. Nathan Sears Caldwells Manor
do. John Andrews do.
do. James Sears do. Hereford
do. John Westover do. Newport
do. Bethuel Bromley do. Hereford
do. Samuel Danford do.
do. Joseph Davis do.
do. Bezebiah Sears do.
do. Amos Westover do.
do. Caleb Gray do.
do. Uriah Deline Christies Seigs
do. Asa Westover Caldwells Manor Newport
do. David Westover do.
do. Jared Sears do.
do. Henry Adams Christies Seigs Hereford
do. Adam Clapper do. Stanbridge
do. John Bombhower do.
do. Adam Clapper Jun. do. Stanbridge
do. William Westover Caldwells Manor
do. George Clark do. Barnston
do. Peter Hawley do. Stanstead
do. Eliakim Stoddard do.
do. Jasper Cook do.
do. Jacob Marsh do.
do. Theodore Stevins do. Hereford
do. Guy Mills do.
do. Walter Adams do.
do. George Starr do.
do. Omsi Edy do.
do. Isaac Westover do.
April 9th Peter McKinnie Christies Seigns Potton
do. Peter Schoolcraft do.
do. William Schoolcraft do.
do. Martin Schoolcraft do.
do. Simon Stone do.
do. Amasa Westover do.
do. Solomon Dunham do. Stanbridge
do. John Westover do. Newport
do. Ralph Miller do.
April 25th Samuel Willis State N. York Farnham
do. Henry Brouff Campbells Seigns Stanbridge
Page 92517

May 25th Charles Miller St. Armand
do. Joseph Soles Vermont Sutton
do. Francis Mantle St. Armand
do. Ganet Sixby do.
do. Peter Coons do. Stanbridge
do. Peter Rosenburg Jun. do. Bolton
do. David Partlow do. Stanbridge
do. Jacob Boomhover do. do.
do. John Allen do. Potton
do. Adam Schoolcraft Christies Seigy Stanbridge
do. James Schoolcraft do. Hatley
do. Christian Schoolcraft do.
do. John Schoolcraft do.
do. Bamsly Lord Vermont Bolton
do. Oliver Gall St. Armand
do. John Luke do. Sutton
do. T~~ Wing do.
do. Samuel Rogers Caldwells Manor
do. Christain Wehr Jun. St. Armand
do. 26th Fredrick Hanner do. Stuckeley?
do. William Bell do.
June 1st Nathaniel Church State N. York Farnham
do. Reuben Church Vermont do.
do. Joseph Ellieon State N. Hampshire
June 7th Abraham Traux State N. York Dunham
do. Thomas Wightman Massachusetts Stanbridge
do. John Lockwood Vermont
do. Caleb Dewey St. Armand
do. Henry Toof do.
do. Wilkinson Vincent do.
do. Edward Graves do.
do. Andrew Ferrand do. Barnston
do. George Shufelt do.
do. Abraham Brown do.
do. Joel Leonard do.
do. Isaac Le Grange do.
do. Ebenezer Eastman do.
do. Zeb Leonard do. Fulton
do. Ziba Bullolph do.
do. Shult Minsod do.
do. Daniel Davies do.
do. Elisha Davies do.
June 22nd Joseph Sewell Vermont Sutton
do. William Smith do. do.
do. Taber Sewell do. do.
do. David Sowles do. do.
do. Abraham Quackenboss do. Potton
do. Jacob Hockslabin do. Stanstead
do. John Bothel do. Sutton
do. Israel Hubbard State N. York Flatley
Page 92518

May 6th William More Caldwell's Manor
do. Jacob Young do.
do. Jacob Young Jun. do.
do. James Rolson do.
do. Joseph Burton do.
do. Joseph Degroat do.
do. Henry Ruiter do.
do. Daniel Biunnor do.
do. Abner Bingham do.
do. John Watson Christies Seigny
do. John Mitchell Caldwells Manor
do. Solomon Curtis do.
do. James Watson Jun. Christies Seigny
do. Abner Hillman do.
do. Lewis Brounson do.
May 7th John Dewar Caldwell's Manor
do. Samuel Pangbourne Christies Seigny Hereford
do. Benjamin Vaughan Caldwell's Manor
do. Mattias Taylor Christies Seigny
do. Cornelius Lake Caldwell's Manor
do. Campbell's Seigny
do. Richard Taylor Christies Manor
do. John Salle Campbell's Seigny
do. Richard Drowmey do.
do. Thomas School do.
do. Henry Cosgrove do. Hereford
do. do.
do. William Taylor do. Hereford
do. Walter Scott do.
do. John Scott do.
do. Daniel Lewis do.
do. David Flageler Christies Seigny
do. Washington Wheeler do.
do. Josephus Vaughun Caldwell's Manor
do. Ephraim Wheeler Christies Seigny Hereford
do. Ebenezer Wheeler Campbell's Seigny
do. James Scott do.
do. Dedrick Frede do. Hereford
May 8th Jonasa Curtis Caldwell's Manor
do. John Cotton do.
do. Daniel Cotton do.
cannot be disiphered having wrote their names in the German Language
Page 92519

May 5th Daniel Smith Caldwell Manor
do. Peter Manton Christies Seig.
do. Edmund Welden do.
do. James Vandebogait do.
do. John Odell do.
do. James Odell do.
do. George Iby Caldwell Manor
do. John Innson Christies Seig.
do. Frederic Schryoer do.
do. Oliver Lewis do.
do. Isaac Manning do.
do. Bernard Lewis do.
do. Wilsiam Wilsie do.
do. James Brisben do.
do. Anza Judd do.
do. William Wilsie Jun. do.
do. Morris Lewis do.
do. Thomas Gibbs Caldwell Manor
do. Alexander Young do.
do. James Lewis Christies Seig.
do. Henry Mounsey Caldwell Manor
do. Samuel Filer do. Stanstead
do. Ephraim Filer do.
do. Charles Hilborn do. Stanstead
do. Hix Salls Christies Seig.
do. John Iby Caldwell Manor
do. Andrew Young do.
do. William Gibbs do.
do. Thomas Gibbs Jun. do.
do. Joshua Iby do.
do. Zenau White do. Hereford
do. Jeremiah Gibbs do.
do. Samuel Covey Jun. do.
do. William Williston do.
do. Adam Sisnfeson do.
do. Simon Oakley do.
do. John Slater Christies Seig.
do. William Marsh Jun. Caldwell Manor
do. James Gilfillan do.
do. Silas Fuller do.
do. William Huntington do.
May 6th Duman Cameron do.
do. Philip Ruiter do.
do. Henry Abel do.
Page 92520

May 6th Henry Esnizick Caldwell Manor Stanstead
do. Charles Wheeler do.
do. Adam Tary do. Stoke
do. Simon Huntington do.
do. James Williams do.
do. Adam Friet Christis Seig. Stanstead
do. Joseph May Caldwell Manor
do. John Allen do.
do. Enoch Salle Christis Seig.
do. Humphrey Toleman Caldwell Manor
do. William Marsh Jun. do.
do. Daniel Cotton do.
do. Daniel Saylor Christis Seig.
do. Richard Martin Caldwell Manor
do. Philip Derick Christis Seig.
do. James Liddel Caldwell Manor Hereford
do. Jacob Salls Christis Seig.
do. Samuel Demaray do.
do. Thomas Martin Caldwell Manor
do. William Aiuthurs Christis Seig.
do. Nicholas Demaray do.
do. Richard Demeray do.
do. Michael Weldon do.
do. John Martin Caldwell Manor
do. John Adams Christis Seig.
do. Charles Odel do.
do. David Tryon Caldwell Manor Hereford
do. Peter Allen do.
do. Adam Allen do.
do. Henry Costrum Christis Seig.
do. Joseph Odel Jun. do.
do. Joseph Odel do.
do. Jacob Green do.
do. Bill Fuller do.
do. Samuel Lewis do.
do. Jacobus Cronkkite do.
do. Steven Seriver do.
do. Thomas White do. Hereford
do. Joshua Odell do.
do. Thomas Lewis do.
do. John Robinson do.
do. William Lewis do.
do. Isaac Willsie do.
do. Jacob Manning do.
do. John Welden do.
do. Thomas Burkide do.
do. Johua Stevens do.
do. John Manning do.
Page 92521

April 30th James Martindale St. Armand
do. Clark Reynolds do.
do. Joseph Plumb do.
do. John Ruiter Caldwell Manor
do. Abraham Salls do. Stanstead
do. Thomas Filer do. Stanstead
do. James Bell Chambly Hereford
do. Timothy Smith South River Hereford
do. George cook Caldwell Manor
do. Gersham Culling do.
do. Conrad Derrick do. Stanstead
do. Simon Vankleek do.
do. Abraham Freot do. Stanstead
do. Philip Derrik do. do.
do. John Nefs do.
do. James Struthers Christies Seig.
do. Ebenezer Norton do.
do. Peter Cameron Caldwell Manor
do. Daniel Norton do.
do. Adam Kehlep South River Hereford
do. Jacob Comer Caldwell Manor
do. John Wiecks do.
do. William Brisbin Christies Seig.
do. Samuel Brisbin do.
do. William Brisbin Jun. do.
do. Robert Brisbin do.
do. Joseph Brisbin do.
do. Patrick Brisbin do.
do. John Church Caldwell Manor
do. Andrew Brown do.
do. Edward Simpson do.
do. Jabez Brounson Christ Seig.
do. William Johnson Caldwell Manor Hereford
do. George Floist do.
do. Henry Church do.
do. John Williams do.
do. Daniel Smith do.
do. Cornelius Mills do.
do. Ephraim Wheeler Christies Seig. Hereford
do. John Row Caldwell Manor
do. Randall March do.
do. Herman Vaughan do.
do. Edward Savage do.
do. Gulielmus Vaughan do.
do. Peter Savage do. Shefford
do. William Shufelt do.
Page 92522

extracted from
Canada Archives No. C-2569, Vol. 205, Petitions Wilcox - Wilson
FHL US/CAN film #1631065

RETURN of Persons who have taken the Oaths & subscribed the Declaration required by Law; before the Commifsioners at Missiskouie Bay from 26th July to 25th October 1795.

Dates when the Signatures were made Names Place from whence they came Township or place which they intend to settle
August 10th Thomas Willcox Vermont Ascott
do. Morin Scott State N. York do.
do. 24th Abraham Vantine Vermont do.
do. Joseph Merrihew do. do.
do. John Merrihew do. do.
do. Thomas Merrihew do. do.
do. Clement Willcox State N. York do.
do. Richard Adams New Hampshire Bolton
do. Benjamin Page do. do.
do. Elisha Drew Caldwell's Manor Barnston
do. Clement Drew Mafsachusetts do.
do. Newbury Edy Caldwell's Manor
do. Philo Cook Vermont Ascott
do. James Bisins do.
do. Jonathan Wood Unknown
do. Jonathan Hart do. Barnston
Septem. 15th Levi Presbury Mafsachusetts Ascott
do. Samuel Domard Vermont do.
do. John Willcox do. do.
do. 25th Anthony Stokham St. Armand Barnston
do. Joseph Ellison do. do.
do. 22nd Abraham Hilliker Vermont do.
do. Thomas McConnicle do. do.
do. Luke Hitchcock St. Armand Stanbridge
do. 23rd Joseph Dolph Vermont Barnston
do. Thomas Lobell do. Ascott
do. 24th Henry Dillenback do. do.
do. Edward Hogan do. Barnston
do. Abraham Concklin do. do.
do. Philip Dillenback do. Ascott
do. 26th John Waid do.
do. 28th Edmund Heard Mafsachusetts Newport
Octr. 7th Josiah Sawyer Lower Canada Eaton
do. Stephen Carpenter Vermont do.
do. 12th Israel Bailey do. do.
do 13th Christopher S. Bailey do. do.
do. Arsamus Bailey do. do.
do. Amos Hawley do. do.
Page 95964

October 13th Ward Bailey Jun. Vermont Eaton
do. John Perry do. do.
do. John Cook Vermont do.
do. Joab Hugh New Hampshire do.
do. Samuel Hugh Vermont do.
do. Royal Larnard New Hampshire do.
do. John French do. do.
do. 15th Elias Newton Hereford Hereford
do. Thomas Todd do. do.
do. David Bradley do. do.
do. John Laipsor do. do.
do. Moses Hedy do.
do. 19th Sawtell Hurst Dunham Stanbridge
do. Thomas Recs Vermont Barnston
do. Jacob Maselle do. do.
do. Isaac Brewer do. do.
do. Jeremiah Brewer do. do.
do. Peter Steinhower do. do.
do. George Steinhower do. do.
do. James Marriner St. Armand
do. Ira Amins do.
do. John Willson do.
do. Jefse Willson do.
do. David Willson do.
do. William Lunney Vermont Hemmingford
do. Gideon Dealy St. Armand Barnston
do. ~~th John Farr~~rid Dunham do.
do. Peter Frusmard Vermont Newport
do. William Trent do. Barnston
do. Ebenezer Loboels do. Ascott
do. Stephen Lampman do. Barnston
do. Ebenezer Hovey Hatley Hatley
Page 95965

RETURN of Persons who have taken the Oaths & subscribed the Declaration required by Law; before the Commifsioners at Missiskouie Bay from 26th October 1796 to 25th January 1797.

Dates when the Signatures were made Names Place from whence they came Township or place which they intend to settle
1796 Novr. ~t Thomas Willcox State N. York Ascott
Jan 5th 1797 Abraham Hyatt Sen. St. Armand Chestsea
do. 6th William Sax Lower Canada Dutchland
do. 16th James Brunson Caldwell's Manor
do. Beriah Mitchell do.
do. Jeremiah Edy St. Armand Hereford
do. Richard Frosbury Caldwell's Manor
do. Bartholomus Frosbury do.
do. John Frosbury do.
do. James Savage do.
do. 17th Noah Dewey St. Armand Hereford
do. Frederick Wester do. do.
do. David Laughton do. do.
do. Luther Dewey do. do.
do. Charles Deway do. do.
do. Calvin Dewey do. do.
do. Eldad Phelps do. do.
do. Frederick Blifs Vermont Bury
do. Thomas Sonenti do. do.
do. Paul Pratt do. do.
do. Nathan Pratt do. do.
do. 19th John Van Vliet do. Hereford
do. Joseph Weeks do. do.
do. 20th Jacob Partradge St. Armand
do. 21st Richard Deen Vermont Hereford
do. Silas Town do. do.
do. Reuben Brunson do. do.
do. 23rd Joseph Lane St. Armand do.
do. John Catlin do. do.
do. Francois Gray do. do.
do. Henry Charlton do. do.
do. 24th Joseph Wheeler South River do.
do. Asgood Ward Bolton Bury
Page 95966

RETURN of Persons who have taken the Oaths & subscribed the Declaration required by Law; before the Commifsioners at Missiskouie Bay from 26th July to 25th October 1796.

Dates when the Signatures were made Names Place from whence they came Township or place which they intend to settle
August 16th John Stalker Stanbridge
do. Reuben Rufs St. Armand Wilton
do. William Wilsic Stanbridge
do. 31st Moses Hale St. Armand
Sept. 19th Andrew McAllister New Hampshire Hereford
do. Nathaniel T~~ Bowen Hatley
do. Naphlali Bishop Vermont Dudswell
do. 20 Jeremiah Lord Bolton
do. David Chamberlain Hatley
do. Ella Smith Vermont Ely
do. John Freligh do. do.
do. 21st John Brownson do. do.
Octr. 4th William Arms do. Esford
do. 19th Daniel Taylor do. do.
do. 21st Cornelius Hyatt St. Armand Ascott
Page 95967

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