Chandler Cemetery -Stanbridge East,  Missisquoi, Quebec , Canada


The cemetery is now defunct and the headstones were placed in the memorial wall in the 1960s.

Chandler Cemetery listing of burials (partial)  :

  • Allen, Lucy Davis wife of Benj. Allen b. 4 Nov. 1828 d. 20 May 1860

  • Chandler, Hannah Jenkins, born 1798, died 24 June 1834 in Stanbridge, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada, buried in Chandler    Cemetery; married 24 March 1819 in Frelighsburg, St. Armand East, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada, John Chandler.  Their marriage record indicates they belonged to the Church of England.
  • Chandler, John
  • Davis, Ira b. 9 Sept. 1798 d. 10 Aug. 1873

  • Davis , Polly Hayden his wife 6 Feb. 1801  d. 20 Dec. 1885

  • Jenkins, Sally C.,  born 4 February 1819 in Canada, died 22 June 1835, age 16 yrs 4 mos. 18 days, according to her tombstone in Chandler Cemetery, Missisquoi Co.,    Quebec, Canada.
  • Phelps, William Pitt  died August 5, 1875
  • Russell, Mercy (Mary) Jenkins, born 9 October 1792 in Bradford, Orange Co., Vermont, died 29 June 1835 in Stanbridge, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada, buried in Chandler Cemetery; married 27 February 1810 in Huntsburg, Vermont, Jeremiah Russell.
  • Russell, Jeremiah

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Mercy Russell

According to Judy Antle , archivist at Missisquoi County Museum :

The Chandler Graveyard was on our "Twilight Graveyard Tour" last summer (2004 ) .  Each year we take a few of our graveyards, have guided tours, compile a booklet etc.  It was really neat at the Chandler cause it was the last one that night - as night was falling and we were all at the back of the field.  My husband came up with the idea of perhaps having a "headless horseman" ride through the field while we were all there.  Well believe it or not we convinced a friend of ours to do it and she put on a black cape - took a pumpkin with a flashlight in it and galloped by everyone!!!  What a great thing!!  Since it was dark some people could hear the horses hooves before actually seeing it.  Great ending to a great night!!