William Otis Munselle and May Shipp


WILLIAM OTIS MUNSELLE (JOHN RALEIGH MUNSELL, LORENZO DOW MUNSELLE, THOMAS MUNSELL JR., THOMAS3 MUNSELL, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 15, 1879 in Mt. Vernon, IL, and died March 12, 1958 in Dixon, IL. He married MAY E. SHIPP November 25, 1903 in Willow City, Texas, daughter of WILLIAM SHIPP and MARTHA CASNER. She was born 1883 in Willow City, Texas, and died 1916 in IL. Otis is buried in Chapel Hill Cemetery Dixon Township - City of Dixon, IL

Above photo taken shortly after their marriage November 25, 1903

May is buried Mt. Zion Cemetery Farrington Twp. PHOTO


i. EVERETT MUNSELLE. Photo Mt Zion Jefferson, IL->

ii. RAY MUNSELLE, b. December 01, 1904.

iii. CORA MAY MUNSELLE, b. June 29, 1909, Richland Springs, Texas; d. December 28, 1982, Elkhart, IN; m. WILLIAM HENRY CUNNINGHAM, October 22, 1927, Dixon, IL; b. February 19, 1907, Tama, IA; d. February 11, 1975, West Frankfort, IL.

iv. CLYDE MUNSELLE, b. 1912.Photo Mt Zion Jefferson, IL



Ray Donald Munselle c 1906 about 2 years old inscription reads" the meanest kid alive "

He doesn't look so mean,  huh ?




        Cora (right) taken in 1921.


Otis was a carpenter and is pictured here on a house building site. He is the man in the lower right with hands on hips.


Otis 's World War II  gasoline Ration Coupons



Many of the items used in the web page were lovingly  preserved and provided to me for use on this site by Lois Munsell Halstenberg, daughter of Raymond Munselle and Hazel Donoho.

Lois is pictured here with her husband Albert.




This is Cora Munsell Cunningham with her son, Ronald Cunningham. My husband, Brian is son of Ronald and grandson of Cora Munselle Cunningham Sorenson.